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Xiamen ZTC Technology Co., Ltd is current transformer supplier / manufacturer,

specialize in the manufacturing,researching and marketing of magnetic components since 1993.

Such as permalloy core used for GFIC / RCD,zero phase current transformer for electrical safety.Split core ccurrent transformer for energy management.

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Electrical Safety

Electrical safety

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Power Measurement

Energy management
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Production capacity: Up to 50M magnetical cores,5M current transformers per year
Wide range application: Used for electrical safety to energy management
Customization:All product can be tailor made to meet customers’ need
Quality certificate:UL / CE / ETL


ISO Factory

2001 —Carried out ISO9000 quality management system and 5S, which enhance company’s management capability.

2014 —Brought into ISO14000 management system,contribute our value to society.

The Talent

General manager Prof. Dong

Doctor of studying abroad in Germany

Professor Senior Engineer Industry expert

50 years pratical experience in magnetic material

Honor & Patent

Labor / Technical / Quality Control Force

  • More than 200 experienced and well skilled workers,
  • Have 20 welll educated engineers and technician specialize in project developing and problem solving,
  • 30 QC person carry out strict procedure for incoming,process,outcoming inspection according to TS16949 standards.