Current Transformer For Electrical Safety

When a current exceeding 30 mA passes through the human body the individual will be at serious risk of a fatal electric shock if the current is not interrupted in a timely manner.

Zero phase current transformer made by Cnzentar is widely used in GFCI,residuel current device and other electrical safety protection device.These devices that shuts off an electric power circuit when it detects that current is flowing along an unintended path, such as through water or a person. It is used to reduce the risk of electric shock, which can cause the heart to stop or cause burns. They can also prevent some fires, like when a live wire touches a metal conduit.The working principle of these devices are done with a zero phase current transformer which detects the difference between the currents flowing in a number of conductors. The current flowing to a load must equal the current flowing back from the load. If this is not the case, a potentially dangerous residual current will be flowing somewhere in the installation.

Cnzentar know zero phase current transformer we made is a critical components for our customers’ product, and customers’ quality requirement is increasingly higher these years,we insist that use the highest quality components and materials in our zero phase current transformers (ZCTs) to ensure that various ranges of currents are effectively detected. For example, if we are detecting currents from 1 milliamp to 100 milliamps we can ensure the transformer gives the correct output that is proportionate to the differential current. While the current is consistent in terms of proportionality it is also consistent in terms of temperature variations, from ranges of -25 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius.

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Current Transformer For GFCI