Current Transformer For Power Measurement

Split core current transformer design is used for energy efficiency monitoring and automation applications. These include sub-metering cost allocation, dynamic energy consumption and peak load analysis. ZTC series of AC Split core current transformers are a simple to use, compact split-core design which is easily installed for metering applications. They are ideal for distributed measurement systems and can be retro-fitted into existing installations and non-interruptible equipment as there is no requirement for disconnection and reconnection of wiring.

As energy management/monitor/audit are increasingly popular and widely applicated in home.Split core current transformer is being sold well these years.Energy management is an inspection, survey, and analysis of energy consumption in a building process or system. The end-goal of an energy audit is to identify areas of high usage and waste and determine services and/or systems that will reduce your energy demand or control usage – without decreasing your production.

Split core current transformer Cnzentar made meet CE / ETL certificate,and all materials we use are compliant with ROHS.They are being sold well to Europe and U.S. market many years.All models can be customized to meet specific need.

Precision current transformer is used for some power measurement applications, the current in the device under test is higher than what can be applied directly to the power analyzer current input terminals. Precision current transformers are used to step down high AC and DC currents to a lower level that can be measured directly by the power analyzer. These systems safely step down currents while preserving the highest accuracy.

All of our split core current transformer / precision current transformer can be tailor made to meet various projects need.Our end customers in different industrial fields are happy with our products and quality.We provide them a professional advice to help their project running smoothly.

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